Achievement Replenished

Well, so my second forum game with a co-mod is almost ready. Thanks to Yoshi aka Yoshiap aka [real name redacted], the game is well prepared. Hopefully. The nth achievement game in AoPS, also the mth (I cannot use the same variable to represent different numbers right?) forum game that is based on another forum game.

So…I think I haven’t got to know good things to post, so here’s a bridge hand. A bad one, I would say, since I got 2D+5. 😦 I’m south. See if you can get a grand slam yourself.
South: 9653S AKQ7H KJ3D A7C
West: K84S 9643H T65D 843C
North: AQT7S J2H A98742D QC
East: J2S T85H QD KJT9652C

Oh, in case you’re one of the few that reads this entry, here’s a hint: I have a secret in one of my AoPS blog entries. A recent one.


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