E T93S Q643H Q87D AKJC
S K852S AKT32D 8752C
W 4S K72H 9654D T6543C
Enb S1D Wnb N1H Enb S2D Wnb N2S Enb Snb Wnb
Contract 2S, North is declarer.

East leads Ace of Clubs and takes the first trick.
It’s good that East doesn’t lead with King of Clubs as North has given up Queen of Clubs and shows he doesn’t have any more clubs. But any way, my partnership holds the remaining Aces, so we certainly score some.
East leads Eight of Diamonds, South takes the trick. South leads King of Diamonds, then small club to be ruffed by North.
North leads Ace of Hearts, and South discards a club. Crossruff begins.

Because of the luck that both diamonds and hearts split 4-3, West holds a small trump, and North holds three trump honors, it’s easy to score all the tricks by crossruffing. When West runs out of hearts (trick 10), South already has a larger spade, so West is out. On trick 11 where East has nothing but trumps, all the remaining trumps by N-S are already the highest. Hence 12 tricks scored, for 2S+4. Insert another rage moment here.


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