Mewtwo Doesn’t Go Well With Rayquaza

Rage aka simple version:

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t proceed if you don’t want to know events at the later dungeons in PMDSky

Non-rage aka lengthy version:
In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, you can get a challenge from Mewtwo in Spinda’s Cafe when you have gotten Sky Stairway. Or I get like that; I don’t know if Mewtwo also challenges somewhere else.

I accepted the mission and went on full power to defeat Mewtwo on 28F, and expected to go to Rayquaza on 50F (well it’s the reason why Sky Stairway exists). So I went to 28F, found out that Mewtwo had like only 200HP (four hits and out; it didn’t even managed to attack my team), and mostly struggled with feeding Skymin which now I just realized gets hungry fast because it holds Heal Ribbon >_
Anyway, I went to 49F, expecting Rayquaza soon and had prepared everything (including feeding Skymin an Apple on 48F, which means it would last until the non-existent 52F). I went to the Stairs, and…
“Cresselia cleared the dungeon! Impressive!”
…what the ****

– If you aim for the Seven Treasures, ignore missions. Even Mewtwo.
– Heal Ribbon doubles the digestion speed, making the Pokemon holding it hungry at twice the rate (namely, non-leaders need 10 Belly units whatever it is per floor). Usual speed is 5 Belly units per floor.
– …and that hunger process is unrelated to speed. Like, Landmin and Skymin with Heal Ribbon both need 10 Belly units per floor. (I actually went on with Landmin to 10F.)
– Mewtwo’s challenge, a *7 mission, is actually easier than most *4+ missions. If you get to the destination floor safely.

Bonus content!
After the Mewtwo challenge and my failed expedition of the second Seven Treasures (in order of me taking them; the first one was the obvious 10-floor Shimmer Desert’s Terra Cymbal), in the morning, Manaphy told my starter and partner saying about Marine Resort. I thought it as another free-roaming village like Treasure Town and Shaymin Village. It is a dungeon. Oh well.

I attempted to steal from Kecleon Market. The Kecleon on the Market, we got it down (darn why most of my team’s attacks deal 1 damage). My team went to the Stairs which was located like on the opposite corner of the floor.

I encountered two Kecleon on our way. What the ****. I just realized that Kecleon calls other Kecleon when there is a theft. 😦


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