Monopoly House Rules

I started to go crazy over Monopoly since…uh…5 days ago when my English “Native” teacher (which is actually from Bandung anyway) had the theme about negotiation and brought up Monopoly.

There are a lot of house rules in Monopoly, starting from the perhaps-most-common no-auction rule, to the unlimited buildings, to the weird “no collecting rent in Jail”. Before knowing the actual rules, I even went as far as “Free Parking grants you the ability to move your piece anywhere, getting the $200 salary if it’s in the first half of the board (it’s going past Go right?).”

Yeah, they are all wrong. But even then, I feel the actual rules pretty constricting. Like, you can’t trade anything other than cash, properties, and Get Out From Jail card. Nah, it’s no fun without alliances and betrayals. (Too many The Mole craze, seeing my next game on AoPS is The Mole.) So expect some weird rules to be reported (hopefully) when I play Monopoly against my classmates in 2 days (in the same English “Native” class)…


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