Grand Slam with 26 HCP

N KT643S 4H AQ753D 42C
E 9752S J5H 86D K9653C
W 932H KJT942D AQT7C
S1H W2D Nnb Enb S4H Wnb Nnb Enb
South plays for 4 Hearts.

Definite win? Of course. Grand slam? It’s quite some luck.

We hold great 8 hearts, distributed 9 spades, bad 4 clubs, and non-fit 5 diamonds. The last thing we want is to have East lacking spades and West leads spades, for a trick to them. Luckily, it’s West who is void instead, and so leads Jack of Diamonds.

Finesse time. Queen of Diamonds, to be trumped if East plays King of Diamonds, then a clearing of trumps, then entering North’s hand via spades. Otherwise, South has one chance to discard a club. So…East plays 6 of Diamonds.

Seeing that North has 5 diamonds and South none, it’s natural to assume the others distributed in at least 6-2, better if 5-3 or 4-4. So the Ace scores, and both South’s clubs are gone. Yay.

Now lacking in diamonds, North gives control and also stripsthe defenders from their trumps, which happen to be distributed 3-2. 4-1 also wins if the Jack is in the 1. So three trump tricks and all trumps are gone, and the rest is trivial.

I must try to be more productive here 😦


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