Yeah, I will continue making puzzles, only not at the same rate as the one in my blog. Probably once every time I have the time. Maybe like betaveros and his one-month-a-puzzle schedule (though he starts deviating to less than a week per puzzle (who said I won’t either? (yay parentheses nesting))). If I can make the picture from this phone. >_<

Meanwhile, inspired from this blog entry, here’s a little puzzle for you to crack…

S01 – Slitherlink

This is a Slitherlink puzzle, with the All-Odd variation. All the odd numbers have been given to you; an empty cell indicates that its clue is not odd. Your task is not (only) to find the solution; your task is to prove that the solution is unique.

EDIT: Okay prove that there is no solution. Apparently you must make a loop.

Yeah it’s cruel. And whoa a post within a post.


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