ACPRiddle is no more

In place of it, as well as a full website redesign, will be an entrely new riddle project… Okay, codenamed “URLQuest III” for the time being, but it will feature more distinctive features.

My plan is to have a new feature where URL is no longer something you need to change; instead, you have a “virtual URL” where the URL you send will be processed. So all pages (all in a stage, at least) will have the same URL, although different virtual URLs.

Next, there will be “lives” feature. When you answer incorrectly, you lose a life; if you lose all lives, you must wait before you may submit again. Lives are replenished as time goes. Don’t worry though; you get extra lives at places you’ll need it.

Speaking of extra lives… Yes, you have your very own inventory! Most of the time you will have lives, keys, and trophies. Keys are found in levels, which is actually only a pair of name/value so you can store them offline. Trophies, as usual, are the marks of accomplishing a stage or finding something.

Next, missed the Hints Page? The Hints Page is now available at the start, with locks… When you enter a keycode given in a level, you will get the hint for the level. Additionally, you may also receive some kind of step-by-step guide of solving it. Of course there’s a price… You have some gold, to be exchanged for one hint each. Replenished way longer than lives though…

But again, that is if I can do it. At this rate of business, I won’t finish everything before July or something. So…anyone wants to help me?

And why am I doing at 12.30 AM?


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