Defend Order

If you read this, expecting something about one of Vespiquen’s signature moves, then sorry to disappoint you, but this is completely unrelated to Pokemon. More like those real-time strategy games out there.

14 out of 17 people in this math camp played a game, me included. I’m not sure about its name. In Indonesian, it’s “benteng-bentengan”, so translating, it is…uh…”fort”?

Anyway, so we are divided into two teams, each with a post. The objective is to touch the opposing team’s post without being caught. If one is in their opposing team’s field, they can be caught by someone from the opposing team touches them, in which they are brought to the post and must try to escape back to their original field.

Four games, two for each post. Since the terrain is highly imbalanced (as in one has a large field with the post being a tree at the back of that field, ensuring some protection from backside attacks, while the other one has a field with vehicles sometimes go in and out with the post being a pillar of some…ceiling(?), which is completely open from backside attacks), we decided to do so. Two teams, each playing a post, then regroup into two new teams, each playing a post too.

Guess what. Each post is lost twice, each by a completely different team (as in each pair of teams touch each post once each). So the terrain isn’t highly imbalanced; the teams that are highly imbalanced.

Anyway, when you feel enraged because the prisoners tried to escape and you ran toward them, while at the other side of the field someone ran towards your now-undefended base… RRRRRAAAAAAGGGGEEEE

Okay I’m done. Moral: Choose a choice quickly. And let prisoners escape.


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