Math camp indeed brings mental pressure

As in, I got home this Sunday. Because of some weird event that made me stayed up until 4.30 AM, I didn’t go to school on Monday. And guess what when I came back to school yesterday.

1. Math Midterm Test
Ten problems about polynomials (Factor Theorem, Remainder Theorem, Vieta’s Formulas, I can’t write the accent) and limits (indeterminate forms as in 0/0, infty/infty, and infty-infty, and also L’Hopital’s Rule). So I’m pretty sure I got nine correct, except for…
Problem 9
Determine the limit of (sin x – tan x)/(x^3) as x approaches 0.
The answer is -1/2. I, being under strict time pressure or something, just went with “sin x / x approaches 1 and tan x / x approaches 1, so distributive property gives an answer of 0”. After the test, I soon realized that it can be solved with at least three ways and that my approach is invalid. A particularly-laborious-yet-working solution is to use L’Hopital’s Rule three times, yielding (- cos x – 4 sec^2 x tan^2 x – 2 sec^4 x) / 6, and solves easily by substitution for x=0.
So, in math tests, go bruteforce.

2. Chemistry “Pre-test”, open book
Yay open book. Oh ya this and the next test is today, on Wednesday. I caught up by learning in the first 40 minutes of the class (Chemistry class on Wednesdays in total has 2 hours, broken into three classes for unknown reasons), and went on for the test. Okay, so I completed it in time (1h 20m), which means the time is so severely limited that others won’t make it. And yeah, everyone else didn’t finish by a pretty large number of problems (I heard at least 7 out of 50 or something; and note that this is problems not worked on, not including worked-on-but-wrong problems). And yet I got only three wrong, for a 94 mark. What. Killer teacher.
Aftermath: After a 1 vs 8 argument, the teacher agreed to allow the students to continue the test later, in the next Chemistry class. What. The. [insert word here]

3. Sundanese Test
In case you’re wondering, Sundanese is a language born in West Java. You know Indonesia has a very rich culture, and this is one of them.
Nothing exceptional here. Oh, the test is taken from a two-page note, which basically everyone in class underestimated and started to learn only at school. Me included for obvious reasons; if you can’t see why it’s obvious, let’s say my math camp doesn’t have Sundanese as a class.

Well, yeah. And I also need to catch up with all those tasks and tests in the one-month period of camp.

TL;DR or for some reason you just want other thing: Try Rondo Alla Turca by Ryu* in osu!. The asterisk should be a white star. That song, the Challenging mode especially, made my hands tired. I can’t just survive to the first kiai time; the scarcity of Hit Circles made my already-lower-than-a-third HP bar to drain completely before any kind of HP restoring area 😦 Quest of completing that beatmap begins again some time later.


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