When you are extremely bored

…write a blog post.

I can’t think of anything to do online now (Facebook and AoPS last opened 30 minutes ago, puzzle blogs have not really new puzzles right now, other accounts are too hard from phone, and it’s too late (10.40 PM) to do anything else). So…here I am, typing this entry on my phone…

Here are three puzzles and their solutions, all using the same rules. Every so often, I will post such puzzle and solution, with the same rules… Your task is to figure out the rules.

Puzzle 1.1: BAC CAA ABB
Solution 1.1: 2
Puzzle 1.2: AAA ACB CCC
Solution 1.2: 1
Puzzle 1.3: AAB BCC DDD
Solution 1.3: 2


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