Puzzle 4: Take One

Surveyors Heyawake (v0.1) Follow regular Heyawake rules: Follow dynasty rules. Additionally, no connected white cells in the same row/column may span over one bold border.

There are numbers in the grid. For each “region” (bold-bordered area), exactly one of the numbers act as a Heyawake clue: the number is equal to the number of black squares in the region. All other numbers are Minesweeper clues: each number is equal to the number of black squares on the number or adjacent to the number.

Expected difficulty HardAnswerComment/E-mail if you want a solution to be published

Puzzle 4: Surveyors Heyawake

Puzzle 4: Take One
Surveyors Heyawake

Original text
Yeah bad title maybe. But I think this one has some pretty tricks waiting (besides the tricks of Heyawake)… I’m trying to get a few basic tricks I figured out here. However, this would be rated somewhere like medium, or 4 out of 10. Whoa.

And yes, I miscounted; I didn’t see Puzzle 3 in my book so I reported that I had only two puzzles ready, while I have three. 😛

Additional text on 27 September 2013
Take One of Surveyors Heyawake. When the rules are still rather crude. (The finalized version is actually much more complex x3 )


One thought on “Puzzle 4: Take One

  1. Wonderful variation. From experience, the minesweeper idea as a standalone wasn’t looking that much of a fun prospect. The combination with the normal clue type makes for some nice tricks.


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