Because I can’t stand not to post a funny bridge game.

N ♠73 ♥T765 ♦AJT932 ♣8
E ♠KT8542 ♥AK8 ♦Q6 ♣K9
S ♠J96 ♥Q9 ♦K8 ♣AQJ652
W ♠AQ ♥J432 ♦Q754 ♣T743

Bidding: E1♠ Snb W1NT Nnb Enb Snb

West is dealer with 1 NT.

Guess what happens… Hint: Notice the long suits both I (South) and my partner (North) hold.

Trick 1: ♦J from North takes
Trick 2: ♦A from North takes
Trick 3: ♦T from North takes, South discards club (bad play after seeing the hands; we could get 1NT-6 here)
Tricks 4-6: Cashing diamonds, West discards one club

Trick 7: ♣8 from North, South takes with ♣J
Trick 8: ♣A from South takes
Trick 9: ♣Q from South takes
Tricks 10-11: Cashing clubs

Tricks 12-13: Gave up against East’s ♠K and ♥A

Yay. Besides the obvious miscommunication of going NT instead of spades (2♠ would be met here), luck because East’s ♣K is finessed, and misplay because West discarded one club before the run of clubs starts. If West didn’t discard a club, we could only cash three clubs tricks.


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