Long time no post

And hence I should let my readers to know that this blog is not dead.

Things I learn:

– Double negative (2C – 2D!, 2H – 3C!) is bad for games. 3H is down 1, although we hold like 8 or 9 hearts (I forgot) and stoppers in two side suits. Yeah, only two side suits. The other has two losers before I get it void.

– In Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers, HEATHENS CAN DIE. I’m not sure where my Heathen Master Scientist went, but it certainly made me unable to complete the puzzle involving them and another involving the Chief. Which means no earthquakes. Ugh, I don’t even get revive. No fish + 43 people = 0 food. Currently restarting.

– In osu!, streams are hell. In Pachelbel’s Canon (Funtastic Power!), Canon difficulty, I failed at the last 5 seconds of the song because apparently I sped up my rhythm during the last stream, missing the later notes and eventually the attempt. 😦

– Making sufficiently hard geo problems is hard 😦 Making sufficiently hard combo is easy though 😀 (written by the mind of a combo-lover-and-geo-hater olympiad math person)

– I can’t make good room designs 😦 This means I will rarely post Surveyors Heyawake. I’m absolutely sure it has more tricks than what I have in Puzzle 4 though.

– Yay. What do you call it if you have a memory card filled with DS games? Whatever it is, here’s a story. I have two DS, and I also have a MicroSD-to-computer “hub” or something. So, I copied my save data of Pokemon Platinum to computer (and also backed up the contents of one memory card), then do a trade (well, eight trades to be precise) between my Pt and HG. Later, after I finished moving all I want to HG, I’ll see the result of replacing back the back up as my actual Pt data. So, cloning in a new form perhaps? The Pokemon that will disappear along with the temporary Pt are worthless ones. Oh hey I haven’t caught a Magikarp in HG.

– Also in conjunction with above, I used whatever the “cheat-by-toggling-which-cheats-you-want-to-use-when-you-load-the-game-by-the-OS-(or-whatever)” to get the three event items in Pt (Member Card, Oak’s Letter, Azure Flute). I caught Darkrai and Shaymin, but Arceus is Lv80 and my team is only Lv74 at most 😦 Whatever. And hey Shaymin. Yeah I sent it to my HG too. Currently training.

– I decided to recruit people as “development team” of URLQuest 3. If you have ideas of what to make a good online riddle website, e-mail me. Did I write my e-mail in the About page?


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