UPDATE (20 Nov 2012, 19.46 UTC+7): Okay this is obvious

Math, career, and life:
IMO participant (done) Gold IMO medallist (IMO 2012 fail. Now 7m)
– Get scholarship for college (7m)
– Has own website domain and a well-known internet company (15y)

– Fluent in C++ or Pascal or Python or Java (2m)
– Solve 250 Project Euler problems (7m)
– Get URLQuest 3 well-known (2y)

Catch all legends in HG (done)
Get BW2 (done)

Yay. I have bad life goals.


2 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Zeroing in on the programming stuff, are you fluent in any programming languages? If so, which? And good grief, how many Project Euler problems have you solved?


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