S SKQ75 HA64 DK542 CA4
W ST6 HJ87 DQJT9 CT972
N S9432 HK9532 D87 CJ3

E1NT SX Wnb Nnb Enb
Contract: 1NTX by East

Meh I (South) hold 16 HCP. I can expect the contract to be down, but guess what.

First three tricks are claimed by East-West.
Trick 1: SD2 D9 D7 D3
Trick 2: WS6 S2 SA S5
Trick 3: EDA D4 DT D8

This trick is lucky.
Trick 4: EC5 C4 C2 CJ

But these aren’t really lucky.
Trick 5: NH2 HT HA H7
Trick 6: SSK ST S3 S8
Trick 7: SSQ C7 S4 SJ

Wait spades are out right?
Trick 8: SS7 H8 S9 D6
Trick 9: NC3 C6 CA C9
Trick 10: SDK DJ H3 C8
Oh yay contract down already.

Trick 11: SH4 HJ HK HQ
WAIT WUT JACK AND QUEEN ARE BOTH DRAWN okay last two tricks ensured, my hearts top

Trick 12: NH9 CQ H6 CT
Trick 13: NH5 CK D5 DQ

If I were to play 3NT, I would only get 430 points instead of 800 from 1NTX-4. Yay.


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