[IMO 2012 Part 2] A Long Journey

Too much Where’s My Water?. Also still a bit jetlagged.

In short, the journey to finally reach the official hotel (NH Gran Hotel Provincial) is long. At least for Indonesia team. But we made it past flights totaling over 24 hours, extremely cold temperatures for us tropic people, and…err…stuffs that are unusual.

The game began with three flights, all by the best airline I’ve ever encountered so far (guess what; you should know by reading the destinations). First course was Jakarta to Dubai, having 9 hours spent. Second flight was Dubai to Rio de Janeiro, a 13-hour journey. Final (for this current three-stage transportation) level was Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires, which shoot just over the mark by using 3 hours, totaling 25 hours. Nothing particularly interesting to say about them, but they were good. Also, this paragraph is a horrible attempt at trying to paraphrase the same words over and over. Meh; I need to practice my vocabulary.

Back to topic. In Buenos Aires, we were welcomed by Indonesia’s Ambassador in Argentina, and we stayed at a hotel. Well, it’s 10.30 PM when we arrived anyway, so it’s just natural. Also, I learned about the difference in keyboard configuration, which I further learned is actually the Argentinian arrangement of the symbols. They are really difficult to use 😦 And this is when I didn’t know that it is the Argentinian method, so I didn’t think it could be changed. Meh.

On the next morning-

Wait, we need to be hurry. Really. The latest boarding time for the flight to Mar Del Plata we’ve booked was 7.30 AM. We raced to the airport. Guess when we arrived?

7.35 AM. The counter was closed by some random person or something; that’s what I hear from my deputy leader. We tried for them to accept us, and one of our leaders (actually Observer B, but well, Observer B plays a similar role with the deputy leader right) even tried to contact the Ambassador again and hired a bus in case we couldn’t make it.

By some miracle or something, we were finally allowed to after an hour worth of arguing. Racing through the airport with absolutely no time to waste, we managed to board the plane at 9.00 AM or something, delaying the flight by about 20 minutes or something I hear. Yeah, weird stuffs. And apparently I’m bad at explaining stuffs.

Buenos Aires to Mar Del Plata went without any major event I could explain as I was asleep at the entire journey. Blame jet lag perhaps? Although apparently we discovered an event worth mentioning: my friend’s luggage was left as Buenos Aires. Some person from the airline ensured that it will arrive by at most the next morning.

When we arrived at Mar Del Plata, we went by the bus provided by the IMO organizers to some place near our hotel, because we can get to our hotel only by walking. We went to our rooms, take a quick rest, and got out for lunch. And also to taste how Argentinian food is like.

I ordered something that contains “pollo” (chicken in Spanish), which apparently is grilled chicken. Apparently it’s good even to our Asian tongues even though we didn’t find rice or something. But then, we might have been used to eating steaks and the like, so it’s not really foreign for us.

Back to my room, I found out that wi-fi is available in my room. After the usual online time, I took a nap at 2.00 PM because I’m unusually tired. Apparently I was affected by jet lag, as I woke up at 8.00 PM. We rushed to find some dinner, and I with some of our team (not all because some were more deeply affected by jet lag aka still asleep) went for a pizza. Again, unusual meal, but good.

Then, I took a normal sleep, but jet lag again disrupted stuffs so that I woke up every one hour or so. It was difficult to sleep, but I’m not too tired when I woke up; my biological clock still said that it’s in the afternoon when I woke up (calculate yourself).

At 10.00 AM, our guide picked us up to Provincial. My first impression of Provincial was that Provincial was a great hotel. And since I said that I wrote everything until my arrival to Provincial, then I’ve completed the task. I’m also extremely tired when writing this post; still jet lag perhaps? Whatever. Post 3, which will contain the same awkward conversation, will be up as soon as possible…if I remember to. Should not be over a week from this post anyway…


One thought on “[IMO 2012 Part 2] A Long Journey

  1. For us Americans, pizza is a semi-staple (very commonly used during special events e.g. math camps, math contests, parties, etc. etc.), heh.


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