Puzzle 6: Antisymmetric Light Bulbs

Akari Put some light bulbs on the cells of the grid. Light bulbs illuminate all squares in the four orthogonal directions (up, down, left, right), up until reaching an edge of the grid or a black square. Illuminate all squares, but no light bulb may illuminate another light bulb. A number on a black square determines the number of light bulbs orthogonally adjacent to it.

Expected difficulty EasyAnswerComment/E-mail if you want a solution to be published

Puzzle 6: Akari

Puzzle 6: Antisymmetric Light Bulbs

We interrupt the IMO 2012 series for this post and the next post.

Yay for puzzles. Guess I’m back at “logicsmithing”.

This one is a pretty easy Akari. However, the aesthetic part of this puzzle is rather high by my standards. Opposing givens add up to 3, just like some Slitherlink I’ve seen…

*went browsing for like 30 minutes*

Oh hey I can’t find that puzzle. Whatever; it means I can make it some time soon and claim it as the only one in the last [insert a small time interval (less than a year)] 😛

Whatever. Akari, 10×10. Would go to an easy or something. Did I repeat myself?


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