Puzzle 7: Number In Order

Second puzzle. After this, I (hopefully) return to the IMO 2012 series.

Number In Order. Rules:

– Enter an integer between 1 and x inclusive to each white square. x is a number that vary between puzzles. If you want to go technical, then x is defined as the longest white square run in the puzzle, but this also might be changed depending on the puzzle. So, just assume it’s given.
– Each “run” of white cells (consecutive white cells in the same row/column) must contain all different numbers, and the numbers must be consecutive (for example, 2,5,3,4 is okay, but 1,2,4,5 isn’t).

Yeah, I think that’s it.

Number In Order, 10×10, maximum number in puzzle is 6. Should be easy-medium.

Puzzle 7: Number In Order

Also do you notice that the black cells are exactly like in Puzzle 6? I wanted to go a little further (given a grid with all-filled white cells and some-filled black cells, solve the Akari using the black cells; the lightbulbs denote the squares which are given in Number In Order) but I failed. Well, these two separate puzzles are pretty good enough too.


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