Blog-related Stuffs and Statistics

Originally I wanted to make another IMO post, but I’ll start with this first because of the…uh…weirdness I find. Also linking to verbose blog title for random reasons, most likely because this post also contains heavy random statistics.

1. There are two comments filtered to my spam comment. One I decided to approve, and the other one I decided to delete. I mention this because I’m unable to determine whether they are spam comments or not. The one deleted said “I can not figure out how do I subscribe to your weblog”. I’m not sure whether WordPress allowed non-WordPress users to follow another blog without signing up (enter e-mail address) without the blog’s owner needing to put the follow widget, so there you go.

2. Top searches in the past 7 days:
imo 2012 problem 6: Here you go. I didn’t solve it, but now I get the solution with that cursed +12 induction.
betaveros imo taiwan: This is his blog; ask him if you have any questions about him.
imo geometry blog: Ask betaveros above. I’m a combinatorics person, and train my geometry like 1% of my math time. I think he trained his geometry way more than me.
angle chasing imo problems: Try to see Problems 1 or 4 in past IMOs. I distinctly remember IMO 2006 P1 and IMO 2012 P1; I don’t remember any else solvable with only angle chasing (plus concyclicity and simple stuffs like that).
solutions of imo argendina 2012: Why it’s spelled “argendina” -_- See here.
indonesian position in imo 2012 in mar del plata , argentina: 35th position, getting a total of 100 points and claiming 1 silver, 3 bronze, 1 HM.
in mario and sonic in the olympics winter games how do you get the speedster emblems: O.o Uh the best advice is to stock up Mushrooms, then in some steep hill you should jump and use five at once to boost your speed to 250+ kph and maintaining it because you don’t touch the ground.

3. Top five posts/pages in the past 7 days:
Home page / Archive: Obvious
IMO 2012 Post 1: Probably because I’m listing as a series, so people start by the first of the series.
IMO 2012 Post 3: Probably because it’s on the main page, explaining why it gets more traffic than Post 2.
Puzzle 7: Yay Number In Order gets quite some traffic. Why it gets more than Puzzle 6…perhaps because it’s more on the top of the main page than Puzzle 6?
IMO 2012 Post 2: Hm pretty obvious if people are reading my series.

Done with statistics and stuffs, time to make IMO 2012 Post 4.


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