Puzzle 8: Surveyors Heyawake

Surveyors Heyawake, 10×10. Should be rather easy.

Puzzle 8: Surveyors Heyawake

Hm things seem pretty easy. That’s what happened when I tried making a “normal” Heyawake with absolutely no symmetry. The 6×6 room is pretty fun to toy with though; think of it as a Minesweeper. Oops spoiler; but you don’t think that 11 is going to be a Minesweeper clue don’t you -_-

Hm, Surveyors Heyawake and Smullyanic Dynasty can make some great hybrid, due to both having Minesweeper clue-style. I’ll see how I can toy with it…but I need to try making a Smullyanic Dynasty first.


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