Puzzle 10: Slitherlink

Slitherlink; common logic puzzle I’d say. Google for rules. 17×17, easy-to-medium.

Puzzle 10: Slitherlink (click to enlarge)

UPDATE (7-Aug-2012, 19:38 UTC+7): Fixed an ambiguity around the G.

Okay, so you’re reminded that it’s the beginning of a new week. At least for me. Notice the symmetry?

That was extremely hard to think of. I started by listing all letters where it can form another letter when turned 180 degrees; I got like 7 pairs, including “A” paired with “U/V” (the middle two letters), and also 7 single letters. Then after some failed tries (like, trying SWAP with its reverse being JUMS…wut?), I noticed the word NOW which can be turned to MON. I tried to think of a Monday date that is also rotationally symmetric, and as you see, 6 August is symmetric. Quite. It’s pretty rare to see U with a line, but whatever.

However, before getting the idea of making a “today’s date”, I started with planning that every 10 puzzles (puzzles with puzzle number ending with 0), I will make a large puzzle (at least 289 cells). That’s also why I tried my best to construct two puzzles (Puzzle 8-9), as I haven’t stocked enough to publish this one. I’m also planning to make an extra large puzzle (at least 1395 cells (31×45) or something extremely fancy to overcome the restriction) every 50 puzzles or 100 puzzles, but it seems like I’m having a long way to go…


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