Puzzle 14: Yajilin

A particularly devilish Yajilin puzzle. At least I think so.

Puzzle 14: Yajilin

Note how it has 5 ones and 5 twos? If you change R9C6 into 1 down instead, you’d also get 5 vertical arrows and 5 horizontal arrows. Sadly I’m aiming for difficulty, not really aesthetics, so that.


6 thoughts on “Puzzle 14: Yajilin

  1. My intended opening was R3-4C6-10 which is pretty hard and uncommon. My solution got some thinking time at four places, basically once in each quadrant (one of them is the said second column, R1-5C1-4 to be precise), hence why I classify it as devilish. Apparently there is a simpler solution I miss? 😛 Thanks for the comment!

  2. The clues in R3C6 and R8C5 are the same and both have a single valid placement of the 2 squares, because of the locations of the other clues. It isn’t the most obvious opening, but I don’t think it’s too difficult to see. I think that’s what you were going for. I don’t think it was too hard, but I’ve seen a similar opening before.
    I think I’ve managed some challenging Yajilins as well. Difficulty is still a matter of skill in and familiarity with a genre.

    • Actually I made R3-4C6-10 unique before deciding to put the R6C2 given (and hence because of my interest on symmetry, go to put a given in R5C9, partially spoiling the good interaction of clues in R3-4C6-10). Otherwise I didn’t manage to see how to disambiguate the two alternatives. (Okay there is probably one, but I didn’t see it when constructing.)

      Probably R9-10C7-10 opening is easier than the one you described, but it’s still easier than my R3-4C6-10 opening. Meh. Well good try nevertheless.

      Hm, I need to check genres of your blog. I went through the first 60 puzzles of your blog and I don’t recall there was a Yajilin… But my memory is bad. Let’s check again.


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