[IMO 2012 Post 5] Games and More Games

And now we’re back from a 12-post series of puzzles to the silently postponed IMO 2012 series.

In a nutshell: It’s too dark. Uh well I can’t summarize this neatly, but let’s say we have a bunch of games and stuffs.

Fun diversion: The linked picture (hopefully you can see it; it’s in IMO 2012’s Facebook page) has the Indonesian team at the lower-right corner. Guess who is which. Participants names can be seen in this page.

As previously reported, after Day 2 we saw a very large improvement to the recreation hall. Thursday (12-Jul) and Saturday (14-Jul) were free days. Friday (13-Jul) was a trip to a local marine park dully titled Aquarium. Let’s talk about these in order, and I hopefully can still remember them…

Thursday, everything open. I spent like 80% of my wake up time there, having recovered from extreme jet lag that hit me before (causing me to fall asleep at 2 PM to 8 PM local time every day until Day 2 ended). So what did I precisely do?

I forgot it myself. What can I recall?

– A game of Carcassonne that results in a very small lead (1 point) of…uh…is it 119-118? Forgot. Blame my bad memory.

– Registered for Laser Quest, a well-known game where you must avoid touching lasers to get to the opposite side. By the time I registered, there were like 120 participants in front of me. (Soon (Friday) they abolished the queue because a lot of registered people forgot and the game could proceed faster after technical problems were addressed.)

– Tried a dance game like those you find in arcades, but I forgot its name. So apparently I cannot dance.

– Started to play pool (again; my last game before this one was like 2 years ago). In the subsequent days, I played like 15-20 games of pool because I don’t have access to any free pool table.

– Use the free internet of course.

– Also, the Indonesian team went out at 2-3 PM to buy souvenirs and stuffs. We walked around for about 2 hours, traveling for approximately 3 kilometers, all by foot because it’s healthy the shops were pretty close and it would be awkward, weird, and expensive to get a taxi or something. We returned at 5 PM.

That’s what I can remember. So, let’s move on to the Friday the Thirteenth.

Friday, we were ready at 10 AM or something to go for the excursion. Extremely cold weather–I suspect around 10 degree Celsius–got me really bad. So, what happened?

At 11 AM, we arrived. I can summarize all we did in two words (and a conjunction word “and”): animals and shows. Okay that was pretty obvious, but there was nothing exceptional actually.

Apparently the organizers had a lack of creativity (they seemed to devote all of that to the recreation room) that they gave us these shows in order: some 15-minute movie about turtle being tormented with spilled oil and subsequently escorted by the Aquarium officials, some seal show, some dolphin show, some more seal show, and some more dolphin show. The last was done even though it started to rain. Doing the first three only would leave a very good impression, but the next two…

…I got really cold. I wouldn’t say hypothermia because my biology knowledge is extremely limited (after reading its Wikipedia page I’d say mild hypothermia), but I felt really cold. The only thing I could think of was to get to the canteen which is not in open air, so I at least could get some warmth there. Darn Friday the Thirteenth. But apparently it didn’t end there…see Sunday.

After warming up, I felt much better. Observing the canteen, I saw that a bunch of teams also got to the canteen. Oh well, failed excursion schedule?

We returned to the hotel at 5 PM, I feeling basically well. MOAR RECREATION HALL. I played Laser Quest (because they abolished the queue; see above) with two people from other countries. After watching where these two people failed (each person got two attempts, so I observe four attempts, apparently all failing at different places), I got through in my first attempt, getting a shirt for each of us (one finishes, everyone that gets in gets the shirt). I think I also tried the mechanical bull this night, surviving for like 20 seconds before getting literally thrown overboard. More pool, more internet, and those usual stuffs.

Saturday was the next day, and it would be in the next post.


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