Puzzle 22: Slalom

If you know Slalom (or Suraromu) before, this one is a bit different. The gates, as opposed to be connected to black squares, are now connected to borders (you won’t be entering a gate from its side will you). Otherwise, the rules are same: draw a closed loop passing through some of the squares’ centers, passing each gate straightly exactly once each (so it passes exactly one cell of each gate). The path must start and end on the circle. Numbered gates tell the order of when the gate is passed; 1 means that it must be visited first. The circle’s number simply tell you the number of gates to save you some trouble. This one would be rated easy.

Puzzle 22: Slalom

Fun theme combined with a particular style in the closed area in R3-4C6.

I have Puzzle 23-25 prepared, but I must sort out a few things first.


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