Puzzle 25: Surveyors Heyawake

Surveyors Heyawake, also known as my favorite original genre (as of the time of post). Medium, a little bit toward hard.

Puzzle 25: Surveyors Heyawake

Apparently it’s not a small-grid puzzles batch!

Who says I can’t commemorate my 25th puzzle with something special? Antisymmetry, if you look closer (opposite givens add up to 5). The regions somewhat form a windmill, although that is not really intended. Weird regions, but I believe I don’t need to instate the “white contiguous region may not span over two boundaries” rule because it’s equivalent.

So… I’m running low on ideas. The first three people who e-mail me the correct solution to this puzzle may pick a genre, to be posted before Puzzle 40.


3 thoughts on “Puzzle 25: Surveyors Heyawake

  1. Nice puzzle, both pretty and flowing. It’s rather susceptible to gut feeling, as well as uniqueness, but neither is necessary. I like the type as well, and think it can support grids of arbitrary size.

    Also, I think you’ve inspired me to a more radical Minesweeperisation of Heyawake, but I’ll save that for such time as I have a proof of concept puzzle.

  2. I liked the ending, but agree with term’s comments about uniquness/intuition. I managed to not use it at all (but I had to start over due to a epic mess-up).

  3. Yeah; this genre is rather susceptible to metalogic techniques. But I hold the principle of letting people decide how much fun they can take from this. If this type ever appears in some sort of contest, I will certainly expect some people blazing through the puzzles with “uniqueness method” at many places. However, it’s your choice whether you want to take the fast way (metalogic) or the fun way (find expected logical step) (or the messy way of trial-and-erroring).

    The ending was quite unexpected for me too when I made the puzzle 😛 Also apparently I managed to notice connectedness; compare to the failed Puzzle 16.

    A wild guess to term’s “radical Minesweeperian variant”: Each clue stands for both Heyawake and Minesweeper clues?


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