Puzzle 27: Yajilin Smoothie

Because I begin to title my puzzles, I start serving smoothies.

Yajilin, Smooth Turn variation: The loop cannot have two adjacent turns facing the same direction (aka a small U-turn).

Puzzle 27: Yajilin Smoothie
Yajilin (Smooth Variation)

Puzzle 28 should be already out by the time anyone besides me reads this.

mathgrant and MellowMelon are at it again: Fillomino Fillia 2. I will post a few Fillomino puzzles until the test ends (save for Puzzle 30, which if it’s a Fillomino will create some bad repetition (Puzzle 10 was a 17×17 Fillomino)), but not necessarily practice puzzles for the event. EDIT (05-Dec-2012): Fail. Only one Potpourri posted within time. The two authors will be posting Fillomino puzzles which will be practice puzzles. Let’s see.


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