Puzzle 29: Invisible Fillocity

Fillomino Skyscrapers. Follow regular Fillomino rules. In addition, if each number is represented by a building which height is equal to the number, each number outside the grid represents the number of visible buildings when looking into the grid in that direction. A building blocks all buildings behind it which height is less than or equal to the height of this building.

Welcome to Fillocity,  city whose buildings’ heights follow Fillomino rules. The city is known for several unusually large buildings. However, we don’t quite have a map of the city yet, although we have 11 entrances into the city and reports of the number of visible buildings from each of these entrances are consistent. I hope you can figure out where things are. We would consider the difficulty of locating the buildings here medium.

Puzzle 29: Invisible Fillocity
Fillomino Skyscrapers

Story. So I now learn making short stories of 1-2 paragraphs for every puzzle. Hopefully this trend will be sustained for all next puzzles…maybe. Hm.

Also, two people have solved Puzzle 25 and have taken their rewards; Puzzle 31 or 32 will be for this second solver. One more slot to go!

Also, Puzzle 28’s ambiguity, if you get it, has been clarified. I think that’s the only ambiguity, but if there is more, tell me. Now that I’ve said that, I think this puzzle might still have some ambiguity; someone can check it?


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