Puzzle 31: Hey People Redux

Akari. Put light bulbs. A light bulb illuminates unobstructed white cells in the four cardinal directions (up, down, left, right). A light bulb may not be illuminated by another light bulb. A number means that there are that many light bulbs in the four cells orthogonally adjacent to that cell.

Because Yoshi is bored, he decides to make a blog and post puzzles in it. However, his first puzzle is aesthetically unpleasant, so this Shaymin decides to fix it a bit… “Rated medium!” the Shaymin exclaims.

Puzzle 31: Hey People Redux

Employing a very unusual opening allows this puzzle to have both great aesthetics (intended) and a tough-looking puzzle (not intended). Well, good luck. Bifurcation (aka trial-and-error) will easily destroy this apart, but can you get that cool opening?


4 thoughts on “Puzzle 31: Hey People Redux

    • That was the implied step from the opening. My intended opening is that the bulb in column 5 can only be in two positions, making the rest empty. The rest of the puzzle is mostly easy.

  1. If i mentioned the implied step,it is obvious I deduced it from the opening that you described.I put it this way:column 5 has to have a bulb somewhere between the H and E blocks.So R10C4 cannot have its bulb in column 5.and the rest of the puzzle is not mostly easy,but extremely easy.

    • Well you can derive it from trial and error (trying to put a bulb in R10C5 for example), so just precaution.

      And I made this puzzle mostly to show that it’s possible to make a puzzle with only 1-givens while at the same time looking somewhat tough and using the exact same black squares layout as the linked puzzle.


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