Constantly getting memorable ones. Apparently I always dreamed whenever I’m sleeping in some time period of 6-8 AM; my most recent dream was in my 6-7 AM sleep (woke up for a while at 6 AM, then fell asleep again).

The dreams were bizzare, and for whatever reason sometimes they stayed in my mind for the day. More if I actually store the dream (write it somewhere).

Yesterday, my dream was really weird. Aspertia City became a gigantic metropolitan city with skyscrapers literally everywhere, more than Castelia City. Exiting it via the ground went to some volcanic cave that currently hosted some ritual. Flashbacks occurred. While in my flashback, I woke up 😛

Today’s is not that insane; I’d say this one is pleasant, even. Participating in some competition; math, I think. But that’s not the point. The point is that I was turning to some furry anthro. My back had grown fur and somewhat softening, although I don’t remember seeing some transformation anywhere else in my body. To what, I’m not sure, but I certainly hoping for Skymin 😛

Bizzare stuffs.

On a loosely related note, you should have known that I turned 17 last Friday (not two days ago, the week before that). I had fun and made three wishes that I would unlikely get but would surely be surprised if I did get them. The wishes are, in increasing order of unlikeliness, get a Skymin plushie, get a real Skymin (yes, the Pokemon), and be a real Skymin. Guess what…

The first wish, get a Skymin plushie, is somewhat fulfilled. I got a Skymin action figure as a gift from my friend that I was sure hadn’t seen the wishes. I now have a Pokemon collectible, which is a Skymin. What a joy 😀

A gift from my friend. Yes, it’s truly a Shaymin action figure.

As you can also see, my third wish occurred somewhat in today’s dream, turning to a furry anthro. Which anthro, I’m not sure; I couldn’t see my back. But let’s take the best case; Skymin. Then my third wish was half-complete.

Gotta dream about being totally transformed; whatever the result is (whether I can speak, walk like a normal person but fly like a normal Skymin, do telepathy, etc). Hm…


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