Puzzle 33: Nope, There’s Totally Nothing Odd Here

Fillomino Warp. Note the orange squares? They act as teleporters. So R2C3, the square above the top-left orange square, is connected to R9C8, the square below the bottom-right orange square, since one can “walk” downward from R2C3 to the orange square, gets teleported, and continues walking downward to R9C8. Similarly, R3C2 is connected to R8C7, R4C3 is connected to R7C8, and R3C4 is connected to R8C7. Note that the orange square itself is not actually a square and cannot have a number. Otherwise follow Fillomino rules.

“The teleportation machine is now complete. With this, one can warp anything from one of the machines to the other.”
“Are you sure it’s safe?”
“Yes, totally.”
“Nothing buggy?”
“None at all.”
“Make a Fillocity with some buildings warped around?”
“But that will be fun! I promise.”
“Okay whatever. Just make sure nothing goes odd.”

Yes, nothing goes odd. Literally…maybe. Complete the plan. Rated easy-medium.

Puzzle 33: Nope, There’s Totally Nothing Odd Here
Warp Fillomino

Gift to Yoshiap, whose recent Cipher Fillomino is a pretty great piece. You should check his blog out, or at least that particular puzzle. As the prize of solving Puzzle 25, he wanted a Fillomino with an unusual twist. He suggested a Fillomino where each number can only appear in one region (aka all identical numbers must be in a region), but that has been done, sort of.

This one is also a proof of concept. Almost. I tried to play with the 2s at the opening, covering an edge of an orange square to limit the options of some other 2 in the neighborhood of the other orange square, but apparently I didn’t quite get it right. But this one is pretty satisfactory (logically; aesthetically it certainly reaches my standards). Maybe next time I play with Warp Fillomino, I’ll try to make some fun tricks. Or maybe you remember my old piece about a Fillomino put on the surface of a cube? That’s aesthetically pleasing, but if I remember correctly, the tricks are usual for a normal Fillomino. I think I need holes instead of simply several grids connected together somehow to do something fun.

Finally, it’s only one week towards my semester exams. You might not see puzzles for a few days. I’d cap it at 14, but since I’m not a good promise holder, I won’t promise anything. Although maybe non-puzzle posts appear once in a while.


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