What If

What ifs… Always a great thing to escape from reality. Which itself is not a pretty good thing unless you have nothing to do, like laying on your bed and waiting when sleep will strike you. Indeed I wrote this while laying on bed, waiting to fall asleep.

After last night’s dream of transforming to a furry anthro, I spent a good deal of my thinking to twist it just so slightly so that I would transform to a Skymin anthro if it continued. Then the thought stayed with me for the whole day. I looked or felt my back at least three times for no real reason (itchy or something) today; all of which were checking whether the dream would became a reality by my back starting to grow white fur and such. (Obviously it didn’t.)

Afterwards, whenever I laid on my bed (which is twice: before nap and before sleep), when I didn’t actively using my phone such as browsing TVTropes, making a fic about game worlds meshed together, and writing a blog post, my thoughts would always run to that.

What if I’m truly becoming a Skymin anthro?

I tried to think a few normal routines, only that I was a Skymin anthro doing the routines. Among several, I got that:
– I would need way more shampoo for my fur.
– I would have some problems with personal documents (I specifically thought of passports, but identity cards worked too).
– I thought I might need some other people to be transformed to some other Pokemon anthros too. It would make things more fun, although not necessary.
– I would have problems using my touchscreen phone. I didn’t think fur-covered fingers can send some sort of “onFingerDown” signal to touchscreens…
– I would have looked odd. Not because of the Skymin look, but because I wore glasses. Skymin wearing glasses is weird.

But of course there are positive things too. Only that they are pretty obvious (people look at me in awe(?) and I can fly for example). Yeah.

What if I have a Skymin pet?
Seriously, this one is pretty hilarious. Bringing the Skymin to school.

Today (Monday) I have a math test. This post should be up at the time I’m having the math test anyway. In any case, here’s roughly what’s imagined, translated:
Teacher: But you can’t keep your pet while test.
Me: I can’t get him to wait outside!
Teacher: But he can help you otherwise!
Me: Seriously? Not intending to brag, but I definitely don’t need his help. I can do the test myself.
Teacher: …
Me: …and I promise Sky (his name) won’t want to cheat anyway.

Described pretty much exactly as imagined, so sorry if you got offended. But yeah.

Also, I held him with one hand while riding a motorcycle (okay I can’t phrase this properly, but there is someone who rode the motorcycle and I sat on the back), and wind rushed through his fur. Cute fluffy ball with a kawaii smile, if you ask. Yes, seriously. Can’t describe it without “girly” words. Meh.

What if I get asleep now?
Maybe it’s a good idea. Scheduled away.


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