Top Searches as of Time of Post

imo 2012 problem 6 (25): This. Basically the idea is inducting with step 12 (12n+1 \rightarrow 12n+13, 12n+5 \rightarrow 12n+17, 12n+9 \rightarrow 12n+21, 4n+1 \rightarrow 4n+2).

hidato (15): My only Hidato published in this blog at least for now. Probably more coming later, but it’s hard to find something new. Maybe this puzzle pack by MellowMelon suffices?

fillomino (13): Yes I make many Fillomino puzzles. Subscribe to my blog 😛

Also a few that intrigues me:

fillomino solver (4): Fillomino is NP-complete by reduction to 3SAT. And while computer-generated Fillomino are easy (then why would you need to find solvers for them?), handmade Fillomino are hard for computer if not using heuristics. I don’t think one exists out there yet.

numerical puzzle in math 6 by 100 square (3): Wait what? Grammatically confusing for me. If you want a 6×100 puzzle though I can arrange it.

videos on how to yajilin (1): I don’t have it, although I can make some guide. Also searching Yajilin in YouTube gives this…what? Seriously.

give a formal proof that the kenken puzzle below has exactly one solution. (1): Needs the puzzle.

Procrastination rules.


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