Apparently today is Thanksgiving in US. As I’m getting more and more Shaymin-like, it’s natural that I’m going to thank people.

A few thanks are directed to certain obvious people. I’m not sure whether God is a person or a deity or something, but whatever.
– God
– Parents and family
– Friends, school and not school
– Other people and non-people

But there are some that deserve just those special mentions that are within the third and fourth categories above (the first two have my highest gratitude). They are, in no particular order:
– levans for making me a moderator of G&FF and Mafia
– Indonesia’s math team leader for a chance to go to IMO
– betaveros for countless things, but mostly his puzzles, ideas to various stuffs, and basically a nice person to chat with
– Yoshiap for the same reasons as betaveros, although unmentioned reasons might differ
– My classmate who gifted me the Shaymin action figure (pictured in some previous recent post (yeah recently updated so just see))
– My English Native teachers; I can now do IELTS Writing Test with some ease as opposed to 5 months ago where I’m pretty much unable to do it at all, and my other skill have improved too
– Game Freak (or Ken Sugimori? Whatever) who invented Shaymin so I can, to put simply, love it
– Everyone who came at my 17th birthday party a few days ago. You all are great.

Perhaps to be updated later.

Thank you for everything. Let’s make more puzzles. Wait what?


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