Puzzle 37: Fillomino Party! Part 2!

Greater-Than Fillomino. Follow usual Fillomino rules. In addition, inequality signs appear on the grid. Given inequalities must be satisfied by the numbers in the corresponding cells. Try MellowMelon’s too if you don’t get the rules.

So, you’re satisfied with the first meal? You’re not done yet.
This one is a puzzle, which genre is inspired from some yellowish fruit. A melon perhaps? Although I’m not sure how a melon can make puzzles. Or is it a Melon-pult? *shudders*
Umm, anyway. Enjoy. Another medium meal. Hey chef, is there going to be any heavy meal or something?

Puzzle 37: Fillomino Party! Part 2!
Greater-Than Fillomino

Part 2 of the party. One more to go. This theme of no number at all should have been done somewhere. (After an educated guess and a look on it, the original Fillomino Fillia has it.) Yay. Stay tuned for the last in the batch…let’s take a guess on the variant, shall we?


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