Puzzle 38: Fillomino Party! Part Finale!

Kropki Fillomino. Follow regular Fillomino rules. In addition, Kropki clues appear on the grid. If two numbers are separated by a black circle, then one is double of the other. If two numbers are separated by a white circle, then they are consecutive integers. Note that if there is no circle, then it doesn’t mean that the two cells have none of the two relationships (double or consecutive). Between 1 and 2, either circle may appear.

And we’re finally on the last puzzle! It’s apparently a genre invented by…er…let me see.
*skims further*
*doesn’t skim further* Okay, sorry. Apparently this is the chef’s original, or it should be so since the chef was too lazy— err, failed to find any other puzzle of the same variant. Anyway, enjoy our last medium meal…
…wait, Chef! Why is it another medium?!
Uhm anyway, enjoy this one, and see you in the next party!

Puzzle 38: Fillomino Party! Part Finale!
Kropki Fillomino

Uh wait. Chef, is this lower-right part is truly empty?
…uh, no answer. My chef likes to escape from questions. Anyway, I suppose that means yes.

Yes indeed. Have fun with this final puzzle! I’m off to study for finals. Don’t expect too much until, say, a few days after 3 December? My last finals will be on 3 December. Non-puzzle posting will probably resume as usual depending on whether I get something to post.


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