Pushing Myself Over My Limits

It all began on Sunday. I tutored several people for 6 hours, from 2 PM to 8 PM, for Math finals we took on Monday.

Next, things get even more bizzare on Monday. 9 hours for Tuesday’s Physics.

And I overdid myself for tutoring 12 hours on Tuesday for today’s Chemistry.

The result? I was too tired, forgot pretty much everything and I can ony assure myself 50/100 score while I usually score high in the 90s.

Lesson: Don’t overdo yourself. Or if you do, learn everything so it sticks in your mind without being forgotten due to extreme tiredness.



One thought on “Pushing Myself Over My Limits

  1. I’m so soo sooooooo sooorrryyyyy Ivan!!! But you did great things though. Hahahahahahahahaha..


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