Puzzles 41-42: Untruthful People

Puzzle 41: Liar Hidato. Follow regular Hidato rules (fill each white cell by a number between 1-66 inclusive so each number appears exactly once and consecutive numbers are adjacent (orthogonally or diagonally)). In addition, for every row/column that has at least a given, one of the givens is lying.

Puzzle 42: Liar Akari. Follow regular Akari rules (put some lamps which lit the entire unobstructed (by grid edges or black cells) paths to up+down+left+right of each so all squares are lit and no lamp lights another, and numbers on black cells represent the number of lamps orthogonally adjacent to the corresponding black cell). In addition, all givens are lying.

It has never been the case that people in Flygrass Town are lying en masse, but it never removes the possibility. Indeed, today is perhaps the “Lying Day” where people are basically lying all the time. Almost.

In the Allgreen Forest, guards are sometimes lying. Fortunately, no two lying guards can be in the same line of sight, as either will report the other and hell will break loose. But still, the visitors of the forest are confounded. After several reports, Sky decides to fix this by putting a correct traversal path. If he can.

Meanwhile, in the Art Museum, a blackout occurs. But it’s Lying Day, so no guard gives the correct response when they are queried about the number of lights they guard. Apparently they all conspired to answer zero? Whatever, Sky still gets to handle it.

Puzzle 41: Untruthful Forest Guards Liar Hidato

Puzzle 41: Untruthful Forest Guards
Liar Hidato

Puzzle 42: Untruthful Museum Guards Liar Akari

Puzzle 42: Untruthful Museum Guards
Liar Akari

Enjoy these very unusual Liar variations. It will probably be a long time before I get around these things again.

Why Liar Akari’s black squares are much lighter? I suspect that you will write the correct given for each cell…maybe. But it’s better to prepare too much than too little. If you want a version with darker black squares, just comment; I’ll provide one if there is enough interest (say, 2 people?).


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