Puzzle 43: Sum vs Product

Corral Antisymmetric Multiplicative. Follow regular Corral clues (draw a loop following grid lines so all numbers are inside the loop). For each clue, let h be the number of cells that belong in the loop, all in the same row, all connected, and contains this clue’s square. Define v similarly for cells in the same column. For each pair of symmetric clues (with respect to center), exactly one of them gives h+v-1; the other gives hv.

…so I can’t think up a story. I shouldn’t be typing this while Russia vs Macau is going in osu! World Cup 3Easy-medium puzzle.

Puzzle 43: Sum vs Product
Corral Antisymmetric Multiplicative

UPDATE (9-Dec-2012, 20:06): Fixed ambiguity in bottom middle.

Enjoy. No particular comment.


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