Lots of Puzzles!

Okay, so I’m committing myself into two puzzle projects.

First, a puzzle test in LMI. I won’t tell further, but e-mail me if you’re interested as a test solver. I need about one or two more.

Second, a puzzle pack. Well, there will be two; one is from the puzzle test, much like MellowMelon’s FF2 pack. Should be a sufficient amount of puzzles from every genre that makes an appearance in the test so you can enjoy any genre in a hopefully suitable difficulty.

The other is different. The premise is a story related to my OCs, one of which has been revealed in a previous post, and it will also feature several more OCs of another furry puzzle maker. Puzzles will accompany the story. Let’s say it takes place in some location with a bunch of puzzles scattered, and it takes the usual hero-vs-villain theme, but let’s see.

I haven’t typed a single word to the story; I haven’t made any puzzle for it; I haven’t planned the plot with more details… Mostly focusing to the LMI test and the upcoming tryouts for national exams, the latter can probably make me unavailable for four months, and afterwards I still need to manage college stuffs. But hey. I think I made a puzzle while a teacher was explaining in class anyway…

So yeah. Most obvious rejects will come to this blog often, but better puzzles will be kept for those two events.


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