Puzzle 47: Merry Christmas!

Battleships. Put the given fleet on the grid so no two ships touch each other. Blue cells indicate sea squares, where no ship segment cannot be placed.

Merry Christmas! It’s Christmas in Indonesia (in chaotic_iak’s place and in UTC+7 timezones in general, it’s 25 Dec exactly at the time of post), and it’s also Christmas in Flygrass Town. Since it’s pretty cold outside (Sky’s thermometer reads 12°C), Sky spends his time decorating his house together with Land and making more puzzles….in particular, this Christmas-themed medium-hard Battleships. Enjoy the puzzle while Sky is having a small Christmas feast in his house.

Puzzle 47: Merry Christmas! (Battleships)

Puzzle 47: Merry Christmas!

Yeah, merry Christmas to everyone! It might not be 25 Dec yet in your place, but it is 25 Dec here at the time of this post. To mark it, here’s a puzzle type debuting on this blog, with a theme, and also being particularly tough. 😀


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