Pokemon X and Y

Yeah, couldn’t resist posting this.

As reported 3 hours ago, Pokemon X and Y, the sixth generation of Pokemon series, will come to Nintendo 3DS in October 2013.

Since there are a bunch of better sites with the news, I won’t tell the news. Instead, I’ll give some first opinions. That’s what blogs are for 😛

  • The three starters are Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie. If you ask me, I’ll pick Fennekin from the currently revealed stuffs (which is basically the names and the pictures).
  • NEW! The two mascot legendaries are Xerneas and Yveltal. Weirdest names I’ve heard, but pretty neat anyway. Looking from the names and the available pictures, I think I prefer Xerneas.
  • The game will be on 3DS. And in October 2013. Since I don’t expect to bring any 3DS to wherever my future university will be and it’s rather insane to use a 3DS emulator in computer (you don’t get the 3D, as an example), I think I’ll only watch the news.
  • Skymin has resisted the boatload of Pokemon from Gen 5 to still be my favorite Pokemon (although Keldeo swiftly took the second place). Let’s see Gen 6. Fennekin raced through the list, and probably in my top five now; must make a list in order to get its exact position.

Yay, that’s all.

Also, no, there’s no puzzle ready yet. I’m busy preparing for SAT Reasoning Test (26 Jan), NTU entrance exams (2-3 Feb), National Exams (Apr), and all puzzles I’ve made recently go to Deception. Maybe I’ll make one featuring Fennekin 😛 But I don’t promise it.


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