Puzzle 51: Counting Weirdly…Is It?

(Ok so I accidentally posted this instead of scheduled this. It was up for about 20 minutes at 17.50-18.10 UTC+7 yesterday.)

Tapa. Shade some cells black so all black cells form a single polyomino, there is no 2×2 area that is all black, no squares with numbers/question marks may be black, and each given tells the lengths of contiguous black cells around that square (8 squares in total). Different contiguous black cells must be separated by at least one white cell. A question mark indicates an unknown number.

As perceived by the author…
Difficulty: 2.5/10
Target time: 2:00

Do you know a mathematical problem?
There are five students standing on a circle, numbered 1,2,3,4,5 in clockwise order. Starting from 1 and moving clockwise, the students say “Bang!” and “Miss!” alternately, starting with “Bang!”. Every student that says “Bang!” is removed from the circle. Who is the last person standing?
The sequence of the students removed can be found in this puzzle, so better solve the problem first.
“…really?” Sky queries, and begins to solve the math problem.

Puzzle 51: Counting Weirdly…Is It?

Yep. I need to have one of those easier puzzles. Now attempting a 10-based difficulty (max 10, min 0) because apparently I use too many “medium”.

Also, there’s the target time. Note that I don’t have any testsolver, and hence it might be seriously off. “Target time” is mostly the time spent to construct the puzzle, minus the time taken to spend paths with different givens etc, divided by some appropriate number to make it at least slightly realistic. Don’t expect too much from this blog; go to Grandmasters Puzzles for more realistic target times and better puzzles that are obviously not proofs of concepts like Puzzle 50 😛


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