Puzzle 52: Poker Hands

Word Puzzle, which is not actually word puzzle like crosswords or word searches but more like presenting the puzzle in English form. Just read the puzzle.

As perceived by the author…
Difficulty: 3.5/10
Target time (after reading): 2:30

Sky has recently gotten a deck of playing cards; why only now, I don’t know. But he is definitely fascinated with it, although there might be not many people that can play. (Flygrass Town is a bit weird.) He is particularly attracted by Poker hands.
Anyway, he even managed to construct a puzzle involving Poker hands. Let’s see if you’re as addicted as him…

0. Familiarize yourself with playing cards and Poker hands as linked above.
1. There are 30 cards used to form 6 Poker hands. These 30 cards are all cards from Eights to Aces (89TJQKA), and the Seven of Spade and Seven of Heart.
2. The resulting Poker hands are a Straight, a Flush, a Full House, a Four of a Kind, a Non-Royal Straight Flush, and a Royal Flush.
3. Both the Flush and the Straight Flush are composed of only red cards.
4. The Straight is composed of only black cards.
5. The Full House doesn’t contain Spades.

What are the hands?

So it occurred to me that it’s Puzzle 52. There are 52 cards in a regular French deck, so…

Also this is made without writing anything down (everything is composed inside my head). Darn I need to be careful with cases; this is version 3.


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