Puzzle 53: Broken Tiles

Parquet. Shade exactly one subregion in each bold-bordered region such that all shaded regions are connected and there is no cycle anywhere (from each shaded cell, there is exactly one path to each other shaded cell passing shaded cells).

As perceived by the author…
Difficulty: 3.0/10
Target time: 1:20

This client is hard to satisfy. After breaking each of his 25 square tiles, he still wants to make his floor neatly decorated and he doesn’t want to buy new tiles or otherwise rearrange everything to make it easier. But it becomes a logic puzzle, which Sky excels at. Let’s try satisfying this tough customer, and just hope he gives Sky his well-deserved earning.

Puzzle 53: Broken Tiles

Stay tuned for Puzzles 54 and 55, which will be up exactly 24 hours after the previous puzzle (so Puzzle 54 in 24 hours and Puzzle 55 in 48 hours)!


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