Puzzle 54: Missing Buildings Information

Skyscrapers Kropki. Inside the bordered square, put the numbers 1-6 to the cells such that each row and column contains exactly one of each number. Outside the bordered square, put the number of visible “buildings” from that direction looking inside the grid (numbers act as buildings and taller buildings hide shorter buildings, so 24135 sees 3 buildings (2,4,5) from the left and 1 building (5) from the right). There are Kropki circles appearing. For each black circle, one of the numbers on its sides must be exactly twice of the other. For each white circle, the two numbers must be consecutive. There is no restriction for cells not separated by circles, unlike regular Kropki.

Consider yourself done if you get the numbers inside the grid.

As perceived by the author…
Difficulty: 4.5/10
Target time: 2:30

This city is a bit insane. Not only some buildings are simply “an adjacent building stacked twice” or “an adjacent building with one ‘ground’ floor”, but there aren’t actually any people managing the heights; only some observers seeing from the outside of the grid. And it even e-mailed Sky the backed up information about a district in the city after the city had lost the record somewhere, asking Sky to solve it. Apparently the city cannot afford sending people to inspect the heights…but then, good news to Sky, as he’s even more well-known as a puzzle solver.

Puzzle 54: Missing Building Information
Skyscrapers Kropki

A preview of my upcoming LMI test, Deception in May 2013. Or in June 2013, depending on my business. Skyscrapers Kropki is one of the nine genres that are in the test.

Puzzle 55 in 24 more hours!

Also, seems like there are stupid bugs on images. If you see any image to be heavily distorted, just click to view.


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