Puzzle 55: Totally Linked Grids

Fillomino Borders, with Two Pairs added. There are four grids here. For each position in the grid (for example, the four R1C1 cells), it must be possible to divide the four numbers into two pairs, within each pair the numbers are identical. For example, it’s possible to have 1,1,2,2 or 3,3,3,3 in the four R1C1 pairs, but neither 1,2,3,4 nor 1,2,2,2.

As perceived by the author…
Difficulty: 4.0/10
Target time: 1:20

When Sky is drunk… *hic*
…erm, drunk with puzzles obviously. Anyway, when Sky is drunk by puzzles not by alcoholic stuffs, he can make extreme variations like this.

Puzzle 55: Totally Linked Grids
Fillomino Borders Two Pairs

Quite a bad response of MellowMelon’s insanely wonderful 10-genre linked puzzle, but should not be that easy to break into.

On an unrelated note, I’m going to take NTU’s entrance exam this weekend. Yay. A somewhat related note is that February is full of exams:
1,4,5,6,7,8 Feb: First mock National Exam
12,13,14 Feb: Practical exams for Indonesian and English
18,19,20,21,22,25 Feb: Second mock National Exam
26,27,28 Feb: Practical exams for the science subjects

On another unrelated note, 24 puzzles in my Deception’s stash ready. Still aiming for a safe 27 (so I have preview puzzles + test puzzles)…

On even another unrelated note…wait, not really. I make a goal for myself of doing Fancy Fillomino February, with 28 7×7 Fillomino puzzles, most likely with a bunch of variations you may or may not have heard. Since one of my greatest strengths is Fillomino, this should be doable if I keep myself inspired to make 28 puzzles. As of time of post (28 January), I haven’t made one. Can I prepare sufficiently many puzzles for February within 3 days so Fancy Fillomino February can start? And given that I have absurdly large amount of exams in February, can I keep making puzzles until at least I’ve prepared everything while maintaining high scores for the mock tests?

(If Fancy Fillomino February doesn’t appear, most likely I’ll post May Fillomino Mutants, in exchange to the fancy triple-F series name. Blah.)


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