FFF 1: The First Step

Fancy Fillomino February: This is a series of 28 (twenty-eight) 7×7 Fillomino puzzles over the February. Every 00.00 UTC+7 a new puzzle will be up. The basic Fillomino rules apply unless otherwise indicated.

Fillomino Divide the grid into polyominoes and put a number in each cell indicating the area of the polyomino it’s contained in. Two orthogonally adjacent numbers are equal if and only if they belong to the same region; in other words, no two regions of the same size may be orthogonally adjacent.

Difficulty 1.5/10 Target time 0:40

FFF 1: The First Step
Classic Fillomino

Sky has committed himself to a rather time-consuming project of constructing Fillomino puzzles for the entire February. Can he keep up with the deadlines?

Hi and welcome to the Fancy Fillomino February. I’m attempting to make 28 Fillomino (and its variations) puzzles, all 7×7, so I hope you can find each puzzle a good refreshment of your usual logic puzzles. Be warned though; all 28 variations (if I reach 28) are distinct, so this series is not a good way to step to Fillomino; more like a series to proceed after Fillomino.

Also, if I happen not to reach 28 variations, well, I’ll just stop at the time I can’t post any more puzzle (because I haven’t made it in advance), and I consider it as a loss. But if I make it, then I’m pretty sure I can also make sufficient puzzles for Deception.

Anyway! Since 1 February 2013 is not Monday, my “week” starts from Friday to the next Thursday. You can expect a theme of the variations shared within the seven puzzles in each week. The puzzles are not necessarily sorted by difficulty, but I attempt to put less known variations to the back to the point that the last puzzle of the week (and perhaps a few before that) has never appeared before (hopefully, but even if it has appeared before, I’m certain it’s not even considered “uncommon”).

Next, you can also see a very major change of my usual puzzle post. The story moves to be below the puzzle, the difficulty/time has been compacted to a single line (and you should always note that it’s my opinion and perhaps plus some testsolvers, so don’t expect it to be always correct, but of course I won’t mark a difficult puzzle with 0.5/10 difficulty or an easy+small puzzle taking 7 hours), the genre is bold, and there are new categories/tags attached:
– Difficulty: Easy for 0.5-2.5, Medium for 3.0-5.0, Hard for 5.5-7.5, Insane for 8.0-10.0
– Target time: Lightning for 00:00-00:59, Short for 01:00-02:59, Regular for 03:00-06:59, Long for 07:00-14:59, Extra for 15:00-59:59, Marathon for above 59:59

And the most prominent change: The puzzle template itself has been changed. Now cells are 28px x 28px, the outer border is always solid black and never bold, and the font changes to Tahoma 12pt. This allows the images to be smaller by 23%, which is actually not for faster loading but for my LMI test where for whatever reason my puzzles seem to not fit the document nicely.

I may or may not be changing the other puzzles’ posts to follow this new format. Most likely they will be changed around May or June, when I will have finished my finals but before I will depart for college. If I’m not submerged in some game 😛


2 thoughts on “FFF 1: The First Step

  1. Whoo! This is very exciting and I’ll be sure to follow along. I’ll be rooting for you to be able to get through the whole month and am excited to see what new variations you can throw at us.
    P.S. I caught up a lot on LMI and am almost at your rating now. I might even pass you 😛

    • Just stay tuned for Feb 7 for the first new variation.

      Anyway yay 😀 I hope I can actually make puzzles in-between exams (because I forgot that my weekends are somewhat used too, e.g. now for NTU entrance exams -_- ).


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