FFF 3: The Isolation

Fancy Fillomino February: This is a series of 28 (twenty-eight) 7×7 Fillomino puzzles over the February. Every 00.00 UTC+7 a new puzzle will be up. The basic Fillomino rules apply unless otherwise indicated.

Consecutive Fillomino In addition to the regular Fillomino rules, every polyomino must be orthogonally adjacent to another polyomino with a size exactly 1 greater or 1 less than the polyomino.

Difficulty 2.5/10 Target time 1:00

FFF 3: The Isolation
Consecutive Fillomino

Sky finds it hard to believe that one of the kids from the local kindergarten has no friends just because “he’s odd”. So Sky makes this puzzle to show that everyone else is odd, not him, and also that he can make friends by finding similar people to him. What a story.

Third puzzle. Yes, it’s possible to put an odd number at the center, but I love the theme so much that I decide not to. (Besides, changing it to the only odd number possible for that position makes the puzzle slightly easier. 😛 )

UPDATE (14-Feb-2013): Apparently this layout is similar to Anuraag Sahay’s Consecutive Fillomino. Although I got this layout on my own (highly symmetrical layouts are easy to make; you only need to specify 10 out of 49 cells in order to determine all the cells containing givens, so clashes might occur), Anuraag sent an e-mail asking me to attribute his puzzle. So, well, here it is. Layout is accidentally similar to that puzzle, which is also accidentally a Consecutive/Touchy Fillomino.


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