FFF 4: The Independence

Fancy Fillomino February: This is a series of 28 (twenty-eight) 7×7 Fillomino puzzles over the February. Every 00.00 UTC+7 a new puzzle will be up. The basic Fillomino rules apply unless otherwise indicated.

Nonconsecutive Fillomino In addition to the regular Fillomino rules, no two consecutive numbers may be orthogonally adjacent.

Difficulty 3.0/10 Target time 1:20

FFF 4: The Independence
Nonconsecutive Fillomino

So devoid of numbers… Sky’s feeling void now. Or is he?

As usual, my Nonconsecutive Fillomino puzzle begins with a trick I’ve used before, but also somewhat merged with Fillomino-Fillia 2’s Bottom Nonconsecutive Fillomino. At least the abundance of 6’s and 7’s. Also my first puzzle in the Medium category.


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