FFF 11: Untamed Numbers

Fancy Fillomino February: This is a series of 28 (twenty-eight) 7×7 Fillomino puzzles over the February. Every 00.00 UTC+7 a new puzzle will be up. The basic Fillomino rules apply unless otherwise indicated.

Sum Fillomino In addition to the regular Fillomino rules, the numbers inside each cage must sum to the number at the upper-right of the cage.

Difficulty 3.5/10 Master target 1:00 Expert target 2:30

FFF 11: Untamed Numbers
Sum Fillomino

Some circus performers need to tame their animals. Sky needs to tame his numbers.

I just realize that my stories are getting more absurd or simply “Sky makes this puzzle”. Blah.

(Added 13-Feb-2013) Also, apparently I need to set a “missed case target” of 3 days, as a missed case trumped Z (see comments) for 3 days before he figured out the solution. 😛 Be careful; consider all cases.


3 thoughts on “FFF 11: Untamed Numbers

  1. Maybe check your solution? I keep getting a problem, and I have restarted and checked all my logic. I don’t know what I am doing wrong, or if there actually isn’t a solution…

  2. Okay, nevermind. After about forever, I figured out what possibility I missed. At least I hit the expert target time of only 2 days and 30 hours! 😛


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